Is your Auditor truly knowledgeable, effective and efficient?

Having a knowledgeable, effective and efficient auditor is a tower of support to the company as it creates credibility which in turn will attract business and investments. We have established ourselves as a competent, effective and cost efficient Auditor.


1.0 Financial Audits according to statutory requirements

We align the auditing with the client’s financial process and the business functions. A company requires an auditor who understands it’s business strategy and reflects this in the audit methodology. We assist in the improvement of both financial and non-financial controls of a business through our auditing approach and working alongside our clients.

2.0 Internal Audits

We render internal audit services to assist a company assess business risks and effectiveness of existing processes and controls. As a result, the company can evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the risk management, internal control and governance processes.

3.0 Forensic Audit

We assist clients to prevent, detect and investigate illegals acts to which their organization may be exposed to, especially with regards to corruption and asset misappropriation.

4.0 Related Services

We perform IT audits on IT General controls and processes which will help ensure that the data integrity is maintained, IT systems are reliable and safeguarding of assets.

5.0 Other Services

  • Engagement to compile financial statements
  • Agreed upon procedure